We provide awakening effective retreats in the participants a rewarding and transformational experience for their life’s forever.

We reconnect with the ancient ways and sites like Machu Picchu, Caral, Kuelap, etc. along our many ceremonies mastering by our powerful native shamans and healers, our amount the days are perfect to feet your expectation.

Our locations are very unique and chosen by energy in all this 30 years of vast divine experience on the fields of healings work our Love, Energy and Time.

Once you leave home you will feel the deeper connection to our nature and surrounding energies with fully focus and not been disturbing by the world you are coming from and gain the momentum for what is the purpose you are coming for.

definably you will have some private time and unique moments on your own as our location and supporters will show you the areas full of small details to take inn this beauty and simplicity home.

One of the many things we admire on our programs and retreats are that there is abundance of different activities like connecting nature walking, lakes, great views, rivers to hug mother earth and its kindness, etc.

Our big dream and Goal with you is to connect the Heart and Mind, because many of us just live with one of them and this is the time to unite both to have balance and as the Incan prophesy said is when there will be the time of the Eagle (mind) and Condor (Heart) Flying together there will be peace in this world.

Yoga, teaching of medicinal plants and ceremonial massages are including on our sacred journeys with our professionals on the different fields.

Fun simple activities, like cooking, singing, hiking, drums circles, etc. to socialize, open and been able to awaken spiritual experiences.

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